Mid Brain Activation

The midbrain is the smallest region of the brain that acts as a sort of relay station for auditory and visual information. The midbrain controls many important functions such as the visual and auditory systems as well as eye movement. Portions of the midbrain called the red nucleus and the substantia nigra are involved in the control of body movement. The midbrain, also called the mesencephalon, is a small region of the brain that serves as a relay centre for visual, auditory, and motor systems information.

How Mid Brain Activation works, its benefits and needs:

  • Mid Brain is activated by performing various kinds of body movements which is called Brain gym, eye gym exercises. This mid brain activation exercise which is a part of mid brain activation course, stimulates the mid brain neurons. After stimulation brain becomes sharper and thinking ability becomes quicker
  • During the age between 6 to 14 years child is in learning stage. Going for a Mid brain activation training during this stage, will activate the Midbrain which will help a child in unlocking his/her hidden potentialities. Mid Bran Activation removes the communication gap between left and right brain which leads to more efficiency in learning and absorbing information Midbrain activation academy takes pride in being a part of the success of many people who have benefitted from it.

Benefits of Midbrain Activation:

  • Balances Right and Left Brain
  • Develops Blind fold reading Abilities
  • Develops Concentration
  • Improves memory
  • Creativity Enhancement
  • Makes one emotionally stable and balanced
  • Accelerated Learning
  • Confidence boosting
  • Helps to excel in sports

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